“Insanely strong, shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. Rogue Magnetics makes some quality stuff!”

James M – Clyde, Ohio

“Powerful magnet and strong rope! The carrying case is pretty durable and the whole assembly is easy to put away.”

Mikayla – United States

“I really wish I had not wasted my money on two other magnets. This 1200 lb magnet weighs half as much as my 2000 or 3600 lb magnets and when compared on a flat steel surface this magnet was noticeably stronger than either of my other two that I purchased from a name brand competitor. This magnet is still stronger and works just as good as it did the day I bought it. This is the best kit for the money that I have found.

Jason V – Livonia, Michigan

“This is an outstanding high-quality product. There is nothing cheap about this set in terms of construction and delivery. The magnet is super powerful, the rope is excellent quality, the hardware is heavy duty and the case is thick and durable.

The packaging was also a great part of the experience. The opening of it reminds me of the experience you have opening a new Apple product.

On my first testing of it at a bridge in my neighborhood, it found this cool pocket knife sitting under the sandy bottom. I am excited to take it other places in the future.

The company is also very cool. They quickly reached out via Facebook messenger after I registered my product to see what I thought about it and shared how they love to see the stuff people catch. This company is the way to go.

Jason S – Virginia Beach, Virginia


Rogue Magnetics Find 1

“All the bikes I pulled up at one location. That heavy old plate was from a different one. That Magnet is great!”

Allen B – Laurel Springs, New Jersey

Rogue Magnetics Find 2

“Just got my magnet and got me a nice buck knife in the leather case first time going out and using it! No regrets on buying it.”

Jeffrey R – Omaha, Nebraska

Rogue Magnetics Find 3

“We found that at an area that used to be a railroad bridge in the 30s but is now a walkway. The item that looks like a large ‘lump’ is a very old iron bar as in from a smelter with stamping!”

Panzer M – Ohio, USA

Rogue Magnetics Find 4

As featured on “How to Find Gold with a Magnet!!!” by YouTuber Kyle Thiemann.

Kyle Thiemann – Missouri, USA

Rogue Magnetics Find 5 Rogue Magnetics Find 7 Rogue Magnetics Find 6

“Saturday was great. Sunday was even better. Went back to that spot and got 1 tire, 4 bicycles, 2 gumball machines, 1 cash register, 1 computer, 3 x 100lb plus safe doors, 1 safe, 1 shotgun and 1 2001 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide motorcycle frame along with a load of other miscellaneous stuff.

Jason V – Livonia, Michigan